Sport Premium

What is Sport Premium?

Sport Premium is a funding for schools with primary-age pupils to be used to get them more active.  This includes schools maintained by the local authority, academies and free schools, special schools, non-maintained special schools, city technology colleges, pupil referral units and general hospitals.

Schools receive funding based on the number of pupils they have in years 1-6 or aged 5-10.

How can you make the most of this?

The funding is designed to develop or add to the sport and PE already offered by your school and to build capacity and capability for engagement with pupils joining in future years.  Children should be aiming to take part in 60 minutes of physical activity a day, of which half of this should be in school.  This can be done by:

  • developing knowledge of existing staff
  • hiring external coaches
  • introducing new sports
  • participation in sports competitions
  • installing new equipment to create a more active playground

Sport Premium funding should not however be used to bring your teaching in line with the minimum requirements of the national curriculum as this should already be met.

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What we offer

We can provide a number of ways to help you make your play areas more active.  Some are small, low footprint items whilst others are total transformations of areas.  We can cater towards your needs and budget.  Here are some ideas to help you get the most out of your allocation.


Agility Trails

Agility Trails are a brilliant way to get kids active during break times.  There is a huge range of configurations and options to make them suitable for children throughout primary school.  All of these items are designed to provide a challenge.  Some of them will focus on balance, whereas others will test coordination, strength and agility.  Whatever the items chosen we can ensure a fun and long lasting addition to your play area.  If you wish to have these items installed into tarmac then we recommend also installing Safety Surfacing in order to minimise the risk of injury.


Gym Equipment

We can provide and install a range of outdoor gym equipment.  These products offer a more focused activity that can therefore be easily incorporated into PE lessons.  We love these products because they are easy to use and hard wearing.  See our full range here.


Playground Markings

Our Playground Markings are a low cost and space saving way to get your pupils moving.  They are a great choice because they do not take up any open space and can be installed directly onto your existing play area.  All of our markings are extremely durable and will last for years.  Examples of relevant playground markings for Sport Premium are Skipping Circles, Running Tracks and Fitness Trails.  See our full range of relevant markings here: Playground Markings – Fitness


Climbing and Traverse Walls

Climbing and Traverse Walls are a fun way to improve strength, fitness and coordination.  We have a range of different designs and sizes to suit your pupils and we recommend getting them involved when choosing them!  These items work well on their own but also work great as part of an agility trail.



Multisports Walls

Multisports walls offer a great way to get kids playing sports regularly in and out of lesson time.  We recommend multicourt Playground Markings to get the most of of this product.  These allow for a number of options such as football, basketball, netball, tennis and cricket.


Artificial Grass

Artificial grass offers a cutting-edge alternative to natural pitches.  This allows more frequent use, minimal maintenance and an all-weather surface. Our product will ensure that your open area can withstand constant use in and out of curriculum time without the worry of becoming muddy, frozen or waterlogged.  This surface is suitable for use as a permanent sports pitch or a multi-use area

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